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Brian is a multi-disciplinary user-experience and interactive media artist specialized in researching and constructing approachable user experiences. He is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University. Under the School of Interactive Arts + Technology, he graduated with a B.A. in Media Arts; where he found his passion in designing and leading teams to construct and research approachable user & goal-based designs.

His interest for technology has no bounds. At a young age he found himself dazzled by a 5¼-inch floppy disk driven Intel 80486 computer that only had DOS and a copy of Monopoly loaded. Journeying to the present, he is now a dedicated computer hardware geek who enjoys reading and discussing the latest and greatest in the computing technology. This passion has translated into his ability to construct and lead teams into building successful interface and motion graphic experiences. While he is not developing user experiences, he can be often seen tearing and building computers and home servers, while setting up complex home networks and managing web servers. Although, he often enjoys the fast paced lifestyle in keeping up and working with technology, he is dedicated to keeping his life balanced. Brian enjoys the occasional biking adventures he has around town while training his amateur (at best) photography skills. He also enjoys foreign media, as it allows access to a culture that is close, but very different from what he lives in. The culmination of all his interest and experiences have made him a truly multi-faceted individual who is dedicated to whatever task and challenges presented to him.

You can reach me using the contact form here