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Aurora Lantern was a prototype developed between May 2011 and August 2011. The team consisted of 3 Simon Fraser University students from the Interactive Arts & Technology program. The ultimate goal of the project was to create a responsive lighting fixture for tracking power consumption and feeding it back to persons living in the household.


Due to the small size of the team, every member had to be a jack of all trades. My main focus was the technical side of creating the Aurora Lantern prototype. This included creating and updating SolidWorks project files of the prototype, that would form the basis of an interactive digital model and eventually into a physical prototype. The SolidWorks would be imported into CorelDraw. This allowed the team to print parts of the digital model using a laser cutting machine. Furthermore, I researched and developed Arduino coding for four stepper motors. This experience of conceptualizing an idea from paper, and then subsequently transfering it onto a computer and physical model taught me that there are many challenges that even the best of planning cannot forsee. Therefore it is important to allow for and communicate the extra time needed to team members and other stakeholders.