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KineticAid was a Capstone project that was conceptualized and developed between September 2010 and August 2011. The team consisted of 5 Simon Fraser University students from the Interactive Arts & Technology program. The ultimate goal of the project was to create a unified and efficient system for sport groups and individuals to organize playing schedules and friendly matches.

I was the Project Manager on KineticAid. As a project manager in a small team, I often found myself doing much more than settings and managing milestones. I, more often than not, had to delve into the programming of the website, installing and maintaining the MySQL and Apache back-end, giving art direction for User Interface elements, solving Interaction and User Experience problems and directing User Studies. As I had ultimate responsibility as the project manager, I always felt that good enough was unacceptable from myself and everyone else. I always pushed for work to be done early as it gives time for revision and iterations. This work ethic is something I take pride in. The more a concept is iterated and revised, the better it ultimately becomes.   The project was well received by our peers at Simon Fraser University and the Vancouver sporting community as well.